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Dear: Customers/Partners!

QUAN LOC PHAT CO., LTD would like to send greetings to our partners with wishes of health, success and prosperity. Our company would like to thank customers for trusting and accompanying our development in the past time. Now, we would like to send to our customers a set of Capability Profiles - information about the projects that we are imple- menting, as well as development plans in the near future.

QUAN LOC PHAT, as one of the environmental consulting units, has full capacity and function in collecting and transporting industrial waste, hazardous waste, domestic waste for treatment at two factories. associate company specializing in waste treatment (Da Loc Trading and Construction Co., Ltd. & Vietnam Green Environment Company) and a number of accompanying services such as: scrap collection, purchasing and recycling of waste lubricants.

We are proud to be a unit with full specialized capacity, legal capacity and a team of highly trained officers and employees, many years of experience, and a professional working style that can solve problems. work efficiently, quickly, meet the requirements of customers.

With the mission of "Creating a green environment", QUAN LOC PHAT wishes to accompany customers in solving environmental problems, harmonizing cooperation and building a healthy environment. proposed since its inception.envi- ronmental problems, harmonizing cooperation and building a healthy environment. proposed from the early days of its establishment.

Sincerely thank you!
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Công nghệ - Quy trình xử lý chất thải

Waste sorting and filtering technology: separating and filtering the waste mixture into 06 groups raw materials for recycling, recycling, reuse, curing and heat recovery combustion.

Technology to treat organic waste, regenerate organic humus, and produce organic fertilizers (organic microorganism, organic mineral multi-micronutrients, modified organ- ic humus)soil, …).

Pyrolysis technology thoroughly treats nylon, plastic, and rubber wastes collected and separated from the factory's domestic waste into industrial fuel oil. Plastic recycling technology to recycle nylon and other plastics after composting from living CTR.

Block brick technology, taking advantage of inert and inorganic waste to replace one raw materials for the production of road paving bricks, pavement curbs and bricks construction of ancillary works.

Combustion technology takes full advantage of heat energy, providing heat for drying stages moisture reduction in the waste treatment line.

Centralized wastewater treatment system to treat waste water generated.

Odor treatment system to deal with odors generated in the production premises Waste burial technology to treat inert waste (concrete, rubble, stone,...)

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We hope that, in the coming time, along with the development and expansion strategies of the Com- pany, there will always be companion and support from partners and investors on the basis of mutual benefits. , grow strong, solid.


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